How To Start Acting Like the Person You Want to Become (& Why You Have To)

When you imagine your future, and you think of what it feels like to be living your dream, I am sure you have this ideal picture of you in your mind. This person acts a certain way, and holds themself with confidence, they dress differently and talk differently. They make certain decisions and live their life differently to how you are now. What most people don’t realise is that they need to actually become this person first, only then will you start being able to reach your goals. I call this person your True Self or True You.

I have a past post about this here but wanted to expand a little with this post.

So now you know why it is important, here is how you do it.

Decision Making

Whenever you have a decision in front of you you need to think about what your True Self would decide. So if your goal is to lose weight, would your True You that you imagine in your head pick up that bar of chocolate? Or would she instead have something healthy because she does not allow cravings to get in the way of her health?

If you are debating whether to get out of bed early to start working on your business, then would successful future you be getting out of bed or would she stay in for an extra hour so that she can snooze?

You need to be honest with yourself and start thinking about how you should be acting in order to fulfil the person you want to be.

By making these decisions you are automatically getting closer to your goals because you are putting in the work and starting to make choices that will be propelling you forward.

If you are eating like your future self would eat you are going to lose the weight and if you are putting in the work the same way your future self would then you are going to excel quicker. So make the right choices each day and before you know it your results will be closer than you think.

To Do List

The best way to get organised and be productive is to get a To Do List together. Now it is easy to just write down the simple things that you need to get done each day like vacuum or pop to the post office.

But when you sit down and write your list you need to be thinking what kind of things would your true you need to be doing each day to, at least, sustain herself?

Would she make sure she adds a gym workout to her to do list or maybe she puts time aside to reach out to her peers in order to build connections?

You need to think about the life that you want to lead and start taking these little actions each day because that is what is going to boost you and get you closer. So stop sustaining your current life and instead sustain an elevated version of you life.

It may mean that your To Do List is a little longer and maybe a little more daunting but you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to reach your goals and find your true fulfillment.

Stop sustaining your current life and instead sustain an elevated version of you life.


At the end of the day, we work towards our goals because we want fulfilment and to be happy. Happiness is always the end goal.

So your True You is happy and content and she is positive towards everything around her. She isn’t perfect and she still encounters problems but she has the ability to work through it and still feel joy at the end of each day.

So something you need to work on is your mindset. Because even people who look like they have all of the success and look happy on the outside can have struggles and can bring themselves down if they are not positive.

So now is a great time to start working on your positivity. Try and eradicate negativity from your life and just focus on the good.

I wrote a post about how to ditch negativity here.

Self Care

We all need to look after ourselves and even more so when we are working hard and building up our success.

We can’t always be on the ball all the time grinding and working hard. There are times that we need to take a step back and just look after ourselves.

Again, (sorry to be a broken record) you need to picture your future self and how they would look after theirselves.

If you are trying to lose weight maybe now your self care ritual would be to indulge in some cake or donuts although that’s not really going to be good for you and could make you feel worse in the long run.

But what would your True self be doing in her self care ritual?

Maybe she would get outside and get moving, perhaps she would meditate or take a long bath or make herself a nutritious smoothie.

Start getting into the mindset of your true self in everything you do even if you don’t think it is getting you closer to your goals.


Not only is it about what’s beneath but also how you are protraying yourself to those around you. I imagine that you picture your future self a little more put together and fashionable, maybe they make an effort with their hair each morning instead of putting it straight up into a ponytail.

What is it that your true self does to make herself feel better about her appearance? I know that I always wanted to have my hair and makeup on point each day and have my nails painted beautifully regularly.

Now hair and makeup shouldn’t cost you extra so that is just about putting in the effort. I currently cannot afford to get my nails done each month, well I could if I sacrificed some of my savings but that’s not my priority right now. But instead I have been looking after my nails a lot better and keeping them painted myself so they look just as good.

So how can you pamper your appearance or just put that little bit more effort into each day so that you can present yourself as your True You?

true self.png