Compromises I Make on my Purchases to Save Money

About 2 years ago I would have described myself as a serial shopper. I was terrible with my money and would spend almost every penny on makeup and other things I just did not need. Now, however, I have turned my finances around and after paying off the majority of my debt and actually having a good chunk of savings in my account I thought I would share the compromises I make when purchasing new products, which is a lot more few and far between now. 

Only Purchasing Things I Actually Need 

So this is the first thing to look at. Do you actually need what you are picking up? When I was splurging all the time before I turned my financial situation around, I was buying so much makeup that I just didn't need. At one point I had seven different foundations, fifteen bronzers, over 100 lipsticks etc. Only makeup artists need that much make up.

Now, I only replace the makeup I have used up. Not only does this make my vanity so much tidier but I don't feel cluttered in mind and I am not wasting tonnes of money on makeup that will expire well before I am able to finish it. 

So before you take anything to checkout really ask yourself if you need it. Get really fussy on what you buy and only get it if you do need it and are in love with it. If you are not sure then put it back until you find something you are certain about. 

Second-Hand or Refurbished 

A lot of people have negative views on getting things second hand but most of the time they are just as good as brand new. If you go on eBay you will find so many items of clothing that even still have the tags on. You can get so much more for so much less. 

When I decided to invest in a new laptop, ideally I would have loved a brand new Apple MacBook but who really needs an Apple computer compared to a generic one? But anyway  I found the laptop I wanted and instead of getting a new one, I decided to save even more money and get a refurbished laptop. 

I bought it through a reputable company and looked into the reviews and decided that this was the most economical way to get a new laptop. Now that I am using the laptop to write this I can tell you it is as good as new and I feel so much better having spent £250 instead of nearing £1,000.

So see what you can get your hands on either refurbished or second hand. It will save you tonnes of money but you will love your belongings just the same.

Repairing Not Replacing 

We are in a consumerism time right now which means we are encouraged to spend money, to replace goods and have a build up of items in our homes. 

However, as little as 50 years ago this was completely different. Things were kept a lot longer and we had much less. If something broke we fixed it or repurposed it. 

Try and get into this mindset now. So you split your jeans in the crotch? Don't just go out and spend your hard earned money on a brand new pair when you looked perfectly good in this one. Get onto YouTube if you don't know how already and sew it up. 

I know it takes a lot more work but trust me it is a lot better than dipping into money that you could otherwise be saving for something awesome like your first home or a trip around the world. 

So start picking up some skills at the University of Youtube and be prepared. Or if you are lucky to have an other half that is handy ask for their help. My bike could have cost me hundreds if my fiance hadn't been able to help me out with it each time something goes wrong.

Cheaper Alternatives First 

Like I said, when buying my laptop, instead of going with an Apple Macbook I went for a HP laptop because let's face it I only really need the basic functions of a laptop so there is no need for me to spend ridiculous amounts of money.

This goes with everything, stop spending your money in designer stores or even expensive high street shops and go to the cheaper places first.

When I go shopping I always start with Primark (a super inexpensive clothing store) then gradually work my way up to the more expensive shops. So if I am out looking for a new top and I see one in Primark first I will buy that. The one I see first I will pick up and I might not have any other reason to go into the more expensive clothes stores once I have purchased that top. Meaning more money in my pocket. 

So stop heading straight to the most expensive shops and see if first of all, you can find something in the cheaper ones. You might surprise yourself. 

Using Coupon Codes and Cashback Apps 

I am a fiend for coupons, cashback, and discount codes. Any time I buy something I always check how I can get it for cheaper. It may take a little longer but it is so worth it. 

If you are buying something anyway then you might as well save money on it or get cashback. There are so many different apps and offers you can make the most of and sometimes you can even double them up.

I wrote a post on how to save money when shopping online which you have to take a look at for some great ideas. Read it here.

Finding Free Options 

You don't have to buy everything that you need. It is a waste to spend money on things that you can either get for free or borrow. 

Looking for a new book to read? Get to the library. Want a dress for a night out but don't like repeating your outfits? Borrow from a friend. 

There is no point in filling your home with things you will only use once, not only will this take up valuable space but it will also have probably cost you tonnes of money to accumulate it all.

So get out of the materialistic mindset and start being smart with how you can get freebies.

Compromised to make on purchases to save money