5 Ways to Have a More Productive Weekend

If you work full time but you still have goals that you need to achieve then you will know full well that the work you have to put in consistently each weekend never stops. But we can sometimes put these tasks off or not make the most of our time. I love looking back on my weekends knowing that I was productive and feeling accomplished. If, though, like most of us your weekends go past in a blur and you end up feeling like you haven't made the most of it like you had planned to then follow these tips to make your weekends more productive

Write a To Do List

I find that when I write everything that I need to do down on a piece of paper, it makes it easier for me to visualize what needs to get done. It also helps me group jobs together or establishes what the most important task of the day is.  

It also means that I can look at the list and just pick one task and do it. I can then cross it out and pick another. So I am not spending time looking for things to do or forgetting what needs to be done.

It is so satisfying being able to cross things off of a list and actually see the progress you have made. 

So just give it a try and spend a Friday evening writing down everything you need to do that weekend, no matter how small. 

You will feel great on Sunday evening looking back at all of your crossed off tasks. 

Get Up Early

I know on a weekend a lot of us just want to make the most of them by staying in bed but if you want to actually achieve something, you can't do that whilst being asleep.

So set your alarm. I get up just an hour later than I normally would on a weekday for work (I also go to bed an hour later the night before too). 

If you make sure you are up and out of bed at a reasonable time you have the entire day to make yours. I can't tell you how good it feels to have most of your To-Do list crossed off before it even hits midday. 

As long as you are getting your recommended hours of sleep a night there is no reason to stay in bed any later.

Plus if you get into the habit of getting up early 7 days a week, it won't be so difficult for you to get up in the week for work. 

Just think of it like you are making your weekend longer, because those extra hours in bed aren't actually necessary. So get up and stretch out your days. 

Get Ready Straight Away 

This is another simple but great tip for your mindset. If you get up and get ready the same way you would if you were getting ready for work, this will set you up for a productive day.

If I stay in my pajamas and don't put any makeup on or brush my hair I definitely don't feel ready for the day. 

So even if your entire to-do list consists of things that need to be done within your home, just get some clothes on anyway, and feel ready. 

I like to think, 'If I needed to pop out now, would all I need to do is put some shoes on and grab my purse?'. If the answer is no then you are not ready for the day and you can't possibly get into the mindset of feeling ready to tackle your tasks.

I know it may sound silly but the mindset shift is really something. I follow the exact same routine the first hour of my weekend morning as I do on the weekdays. I can confirm it makes a huge difference. 

Don't Start Something You Know Will Waste Your Time

I love Sims. I used to play on it all the time and would often play it into the early hours of the morning.

Because of this I actually don't let myself play it often. If I was to start playing Sims on a Saturday morning, I would certainly still be on it after lunchtime. 

So now I tell myself that I cannot play it unless I have accomplished everything else I need that day. 

We all have things that we can get lost in, like watching Netflix, playing games, or gossiping on the phone with a friend. The time flies by without us knowing and we haven't accomplished anything productive.

So I would put a reminder on your To Do list or even an incentive. You can watch your favorite Netflix show once this is completed. 

This incentive will also make you work quicker through your tasks without getting distracted between them. Because you are working towards a reward you may be more likely to get everything done in good time. 

Keep Your Space Tidy

Throughout the week I try and make my room as tidy as possible. But the first thing on my To Do list every weekend is to clean and tidy my room. As long as I am keeping my space tidy throughout the week this can take less than an hour in the morning. 

Once my room is nice and tidy my mind feels tidier too. I have no distractions and feel like I can settle down and get to work on what is important.

 I can feel stressed if there is clutter or even dust around my desk, so having that space clean and clear really does wonders for my mindset.

So it's a great idea to start each weekend with a speed clean. Just as long as it is in a state where you can get stuff done, nothing will be in the way and you won't need to go searching for things under numerous piles when you need them. 

So what steps are you going to start implementing so that you can focus and really work towards your goals as productively as you can? 

5 Ways to Have a More Productive Weekend