5 Goals You Need to Set Yourself to Have The Best Year Yet

Setting yourself goals is so important. If you don't have a vision of what you are working towards how do you know what route you need to go down? You wouldn't start driving somewhere without knowing the destination. If you are a bit stuck with what to set yourself that aren't too difficult to attain then here are some goals you need to work towards to have your best year yet. 

1. Treat Your Body Better

A lot of us will have the same New Years Resolution and that is to lose weight. However, I am not talking about just losing weight I am talking about the way we treat our body in all aspects. I know a majority of people will go on a crash diet, they won't add exercise into their routine, they will just cut down their eating by an absurd amount and hope for the best. They might even start those awful replacement shakes or pills etc. I can tell you now, that is not looking after your body. 

I am in the same boat, I want to lose weight. I have a considerable amount to lose and of course, the quicker the better. But I also want to treat my body right. I want to do something that is sustainable for the rest of my life and my body will thank me for it. Yes, a crash diet will help you lose weight but then what after? Unless you want to yo-yo your entire life then go ahead. But if you want to create a lifestyle that you can sustain so you no longer have to diet but just have a consistent level of health - which in turn will affect your weight or how you look -  then you need to create a plan to take you forward every single day.

You know crash diets are bad for you so you wouldn't do those for an extended period of time. Instead of crash dieting just do some research on healthy eating if you don't have the knowledge already. You may need to trial some things out and see what works best for you. So it is ok for the first few months to be just finding your footing. Try to limit harmful food or substances. I'm talking about all the nasties made in a factory. I like to try and just eat whole foods, foods with just one ingredient. And I make everything from scratch. You don't need to go to the extreme and I am certainly not an expert but just be more mindful of what you consume.

As well as what we put into our body, we need to think about what we do with our body. Sitting on your bum all day is not good for you. You need to get moving. Again this is something that you will need to trial until you find something that works for you. But as long as you move more days than you don't - and this doesn't have to be a lot! - your body will love you for it. 

2. Give Your Money a Makeover

Money makes the world go round. Sad but true. Most of our life revolves around money - obviously other than relationships - and if you are in a bad situation with your money then it can be almost impossible to live your best life. Money issues can cause stress or even just missed opportunities or sacrifices that don't always need to be made. 

I have been terrible with money in the past. I got myself into debt and even had to move back in with my mum because it just wasn't sustainable. Now though I have turned it around and feel like I am in such a good place with my finances. I have paid off pretty much all of my debt and have start saving really well. I am in a good position to start building my future which I am super optimistic about - next stop buy a house! I can't explain how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I am in this financial position compared with before. Do it for you wellbeing. 

I will write a separate blog post about what I did to turn around my finances but essentially the first thing you need to do is write it all down. Every single ingoing and outgoing. And really create a plan based off of that. Sometimes we like to be ignorant of our money situation but we need to get in deep so we can pick it apart and start making progress. See my post on how to create a Budget here. Just stop spending your money on unneccesarry stuff and put a plan together to start actually putting it towards things that really mean something. 

3. Start a Hobby

By this I mean just start doing something you love and that brings you joy. Life is full of mundane tasks that we have to go through every day so why not make an effort to really do something that you have always wanted to do. Switch it up and add something different to your day. Whether that is dance, or paint or start a blog. Or even just to socialize more and go out with your friends. There are literally thousands of things that you can do. Don't know exactly what you are into? Even better! Go out and find your passion, even if it takes you three dance classes, a trumpet lesson and 2 dog walks to find it. Just go for it. 

Learn something, that always brings joy if you are passionate about it. We can never know too much. It can turn your life into something that excites you and you never know, along the way you might meet someone who will make your life even better! I really want to learn Spanish and to be able to play the piano. Imagine how accomplished I will feel once I start getting good at either of these? That then will motivate me to do more things that I love.

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget
— Alfred Mercier

4. Connect 

Ok, so this is definitely one of mine. I have had social anxiety for quite a while now and although it is waining, I still am lacking people in my life. Now I realize how important it is to have a network of people around you that support you and make you feel great. So just start connecting with these people and building up those relationships. I had forgotten how much joy people can bring into your life if you let them.

Reconnect with old friends. Remember some friends are no longer friends for a reason but those that you have nothing but love for, get back in touch. Ask to go out for coffee and find some things you have in common still. I know it can be hard. I thought it would be so weird but actually, with the help of social media, I have found it surprisingly easy to reach out.

Meet new people, like above if you start a hobby or a class it can give you the opportunity to meet people that you have things in common with. Definitely worth broadening your horizons because you could meet a future partner or best friend. This is so difficult and still something I am working on myself but I hope to get a lot better at this and meet some amazing people. I have actually joined quite a few Facebook groups of people with the same interests as me. As long as I am active in those groups I start connecting with the other members and you never know where that may lead.

If you are looking for a Facebook Group to join - Join my new True YOU Group. It's for women who want to start making choices to grow into their true selves by sharing stories, connecting with one another and building each other up through their journeys. 

5. Disconnect

So on the other side of the spectrum, it is important to disconnect at times. We are in the era of comparison due to Social Media and it can be damaging. It has brought me down a lot before. It is important to have time away from the social media if you feel like it is affecting you negatively. Stepping away from it or cutting down can help you cleanse yourself if you need it. 

Or even if it is just disconnecting from certain people. If there is someone who makes you feel bad about yourself, unfollow them. Even in real life! You don't want negativity to consume you so you have to stop allowing it around you. Disconnect from the people that do not offer anything to you and drain you of your energy. There is no use having all of these people around you but not feeling like you can open up to any of them or dreading to spend time with them because you always leave feeling worse about yourself.

Take some alone time. Spend a day exploring a park on your own or even just wrapped up watching Netflix. Be mindful of what is around you and cleanse your thoughts. Give yourself a pamper day with no interruptions from anyone else and just totally immerse yourself in Me Time. If you tend to surround yourself with people, it might feel strange at first but you will feel so energized by the end of the day you will want to do it all over again. 

So these are the broad goals I am working on this year and they are already making a difference. What is great about these goals is that you can tailor them to your lifestyle and interpret them any way you see fit. I would love to hear your goals below. 

5 Goals You Need to Set Yourself to Have The Best Year Yet  Setting yourself goals is so important. If you don't have a vision of what you are working towards how do you know what route you need to go down? You wouldn't start driving somewhere without knowing the destination. If you are a bit stuck with what to set yourself that isn't too cliche or too difficult to attain then here are some Goals you need to set yourself to have the best year yet.