4 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait Until The New Year to Start On Your Goals

Okay, now I know we are only just coming to terms with people talking about Christmas and here I am talking about the New Year! But this is the time of year that we can sometimes start falling off the wagon and just thinking to ourselves, “Oh, there is no point starting now.”, “Not with Christmas coming up”, “I will wait for the New Year”. But this is the wrong attitude to have if you want to actually achieve your goals. Here is why you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to start on your goals.

Excuse to Put it Off

You know that Monday mindset most people have? “I will start Monday”, “I will start on the 1st”. This isn’t us being logical or reasonable with our goals. This is just us giving ourselves excuses.

It is an excuse to not start yet. We are giving ourselves permission to be lazy until this date, but then when we reach this date, how many times do we actually stick to it?

You seriously need to get out of this habit because it is holding you back from all of your dreams and killing your ambition. By saying you will start in the New Year means that if you were only able to stick with your resolution for a few months that year, you would almost be giving yourself permission to put it to one side and not start again until the year after.

If you put it off once the goalpost will just keep moving forward. You need to start now and not worry about what is coming up, don’t worry that it isn’t the norm. In fact, you want to be as far away from the norm as possible. Because the norm is people staying where they are, not achieving amazing things. Only people that break the mold do their dreams become reality.

So stop putting it off and giving yourself excuses. Get disciplined and just start now.

You Will Be 1 Step Ahead

Do you ever look back and think, “If I had started this when I first told myself I would, I would be so much further now”. Now imagine what 2 months will do for your goals. You can achieve a lot in two months.

You will get to the new year and be so motivated by the work you have already put in and the rewards you have reaped because of this that you will want to keep going.

You will be so grateful that you started early and didn’t put it off because you have already achieved the things you wanted to in the new year.

If you are trying to lose weight, you could already be 5 pounds down. If you are trying to save, you could already have £500 stashed away. It might not seem a lot but it will make a huge difference.

Another way to look at it is that sometimes when we are a couple of months in we can lose a little enthusiasm if it’s not going quite as quickly or as successfully as we would hope.

So, New Year is going to be when you are a couple of months in. This is when you will start to see other people get motivated, you are going to see marketing campaigns that are all about getting you fired up, you will see an influx of conversations, messaging and signs that are all geared towards putting the work in. So this is the perfect time to boost your motivation when you will need it the most.

Set The Tone for The New Year

You can almost use these next couple of months as a practice run. Try things out and see what works and doesn’t work for you. Where are you finding success and what are you struggling with?

If you do come across a failure (which we all do at some stage) then you can learn from it and make a note that in the New Year you will have a solution if something similar tries to crop up again.

When we hit the New Year we all want to just get started. It’s all systems go when a lot of the time we don’t really know where to start or how we can actually do it. So use this extra time to educate yourself on the process and try it out. If you want to lose weight, try some new healthy recipes, see if snacking helps or hinders you and get down the gym and learn how to use the equipment. This way you can ease yourself into it if you think that would be more beneficial to your growth.

Having this practice run will improve your mindset by a mile. You will go into the new year knowing what you are doing, with achievements already behind you and you will be raring to keep going and continue your amazing work.

Instead of getting into the new year with negative thoughts about how you are actually going to start and feeling cliche, you could already be half way there knowing exactly what you need to keep doing.

There Is No Better Time Than Now

As I have said before there really is no better time to start anything than now.

Just finished a cookie at 11am in the morning on a Thursday and now feel like there is no point in continuing your weightloss journey this week? Wrong mindset. Appreciate that cookie, forgive yourself and get started again right now.

Do not keep putting things off, if you can put it off once, you will continue to do so. So just get started, there is no better time. All you need is a little motivation to get you started and a huge dose of discipline to keep you going so start now and don’t stop.

Yes you will reach road blocks and mess up from time to time but as long as you start again straight away and don’t write off the rest of the day, week or month then you will achieve your goals in no time.

What resolutions are you going to be start early this New Year?

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait Until The New Year to Start On Your Goals