4 Habits You Need To Adopt To Achieve Anything

So you have your dreams in mind and you can't stop thinking about them. You want to change your life. But in order for you to change your life, you need to change your habits. Start acting like the person you want to be and you will soon morphe into the person you have always imagined you would be. So here are some of the habits I have adopted to fast track myself towards my goals. 

Plan In Advance

With everything, I believe that having a plan in place for anything you are trying to achieve is going to make it so much easier.

I wanted to start eating healthy and saving money on groceries so I made a weekly meal planner. I wanted my weekends to be more productive so I made a To Do list every Friday. 

If you are struggling to stick to something then try planning everything out. This means you have something to follow step by step and will be less likely to deviate.

You know what is coming next, you know how many things you will need to cross off in order to complete the task and you will feel so accomplished at the end of the day. 

The popular quote "Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail" is so true. So get into the habit of preparing and planning out everything before you set off so you have no excuse to forget to complete anything towards your goals. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Stop Relying on Motivation

I wrote a post on how we cannot rely on motivation to achieve our goals. Read it here

In this post, I explain how motivation is great to get you fired up and moving along but we cannot rely on it all the time. If you are constantly waiting to feel motivated then you won't get anything done.

Instead of being motivated you need to be disciplined. For example, if you want to start losing weight and going to the gym you might feel motivated the first time you go but after that, your motivation will dwindle. 

The people that then rely on motivation to get to the gym will just stop going because they are no longer motivated. Instead, the people that are disciplined and push themselves to go regardless of how they are feeling will be the ones that succeed.

So stop waiting to feel ready or motivated and just get on with it. 

Believe In Yourself

I am new to the whole manifesting world but I think when you look at it in simple terms, you can manifest anything you want by allowing yourself to believe that you can truly do it. 

If you are telling yourself that you can't do something, no matter how hard you try you will be subconsciously holding yourself back. You will lack the confidence to push yourself and you will be so doubtful you will keep questioning your ability. 

Remember every single person in this world started off the same as you. No one has superpowers. If you look at all the CEOs in the world or the people that have lost tonnes of weight they started off just like you. 

If these normal people can do it then so can you. The only thing that they have that you don't is the guts to go for their dream and the discipline to keep going. 

So look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it. That you will do it. 

Work Hard

At the end of the day it all comes down to how much work you put in. No matter how much you tell yourself you can do it or how much planning you do, if you don't actually get your head down and do the work you won't achieve anything.

If you get to the gym but don't push yourself you won't progress. If you start a blog but don't put any effort in and don't spend time on creating content then it will just dwindle away.

Nothing worth having is easy, so take pleasure in the hard work needed to get you to the places you want to go. 

Stop being lazy and stop putting fear before your desires and really get stuck in and do more.

I like to think, what would the average person do? The average person might start a blog but they won't keep it up, instead, they would spend their time watching Netflix instead. The average person might start a diet but they will eventually give up because it is too much hard work.

Now all you need to do is take one more step than the average person would and you are on the right track. Just put in that little extra work to push you past the ordinary and before you know it you are working hard and not even aware of it until you start reaping the benefits. 

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