Dealing with Self Doubt

Self Doubt can be so damaging, we should always believe in our own ability to make our dreams come true. I have dealt with self doubt my whole life and missed out on so many opportunities because of this. Almost everything I have begun has ended in me doubting myself and giving up because I feel like I cannot do it. Now I am recognising that this is becoming a problem and stopping me from living a fulfilling life so I need to take action to gain confidence in myself. 

I can remember coming to the end of my last job knowing that I wanted to leave but having this crippling fear of having an interview for a new job, I honestly thought I would fail miserably and I just couldn't stop thinking about how bad it was going to be. When I  had my first interview booked in, the whole way to the interview I was trying to calm myself down telling myself that it wasn't that important, the worst thing they would say is no. I would not have been put in a worse position, just in the same position as I was in now so nothing lost, nothing gained. But I couldn't get the feeling out of my head that I wasn't going to get it, I really was going for a job that I was not qualified for and would never be able to convince anyone to take me on. However when I went into the interview it actually went pretty well! I still had those moments when I wasn't sure how to answer a question and I did panic inside a bit. But do you know what? I got the job! The first job I applied for, the first interview I went to I got. Now I know that this was luck in that I managed to pick the job for me on the first try but it just proves after months and months of worrying and dreading the idea of having an interview because I thought I was just terrible at them, I did pretty well. So well in fact I got the job which I am now so happy in.

Self doubt is detrimental to our growth because it always puts us on a back foot. We are always one step behind where we want to be if we are doubting ourselves. You could be the best Makeup Artist and have amazing skills but if you doubt your skills you won't put yourself forward for the opportunities that other people will. Others might not have the skill that you do but if they have the confidence to go for it then they will succeed. There is no good turning down opportunities or not applying yourself to them because you will not be growing. Life is about growing into a better and more whole person each day and if you are not pushing your boundaries then you will never get past them. 

I am still working on my self doubt myself but I am just trying to not over think things. I know I am a normal person that is just as able to do all the things the person next to me can but when it really comes down to it that self doubt lodges deep into our minds but I am taking steps, even small ones to push myself.

 I don't think there is any way to make us stop doubting ourselves before we take on opportunities, we need to take on the opportunities first to prove to ourselves that we are able to do anything we put our minds to. If you keep taking on things that are out of your comfort zone you will eventually know that you can do anything you wish. Just say yes to everything that you can and each time you achieve something you didn't think you could, you are one step closer to liberating confidence. You really have to train your mind through repetition. Now this is scary because it is daunting doing something your not confident in. You need to use your common sense however, if you start accepting challenges that you truly are unable to do then obviously you won't be able to do it and this could harm how you feel about yourself even more. Just take on the challenges that you know deep down you can do, or could have a go at and do your very best, and remember whilst you are taking on this opportunity you don't have to do it alone, you can ask for help. It is unlikely you will ever be thrown into the deep end with no paddle or life vest so use the resources given to you and you will always learn something for next time. 

In brief, just get out of your comfort zone, say yes to opportunities and no matter how you feel about it just go for it. 

Do you have any stories on how you have overcome any self doubt?