Creating your OWN Goals

I worked in an office for a while in an entry level position and there seemed to be just one path through the business in terms of progression. All of my colleagues had their sites on another job within the company and for a while I did to. It seemed like the smart move to make, more money, a little more responsibility and it was where everyone else was going. So when a job opened up I first thought I would go for it like a handful of my colleagues. But then I stalled.

I sat down and really thought about the position, do I really want this? The answer was no. The position was not suited to me, I wasn't passionate about the role and I knew I would not enjoy it. Maybe I would get a little more money in my pay packet each month but what did that really mean if I was going to wake up everyday not feeling happy. So why did I have my eye on this role for all of this time?

I think most of us has been a victim of this, following the crowd and not even realising half the time. We see someone else's dreams and ideals and we begin to think that it is the norm and we should also feel that way. We naturally look around us for validation so when we see the opinions of others about things we aren't certain on ourselves we can begin to think that that is too what we should believe.

The trick is to recognise that this is happening and to make steps to ensure that we start to focus on what it really is that we want. If something just doesn't feel quite right, don't do it. If you have to keep telling yourself this dream is for you and it doesn't come organically from your mind then it cannot be right for your soul.

When I realised that this wasn't for me I decided to make sure that from now on I would not think about the path that I should take but the path that I want to take. I no longer want to progress in that business, I do not wish to carry on doing something I am not passionate about just to better my CV or expand my bank account. I want to do something interesting with my life, something that brings me joy. My goal in life is to be able to live the best life I possibly can and that means not a typical 9-5 and just putting up with the day to day bore of a job I cannot stand.

However because my goals are different it does mean I may have a tougher journey. I won't be taken the path that has been well trodden and laid out for me but I am going to be making a whole new path myself; laying my own foundations, choosing my own route and it's going to be hard. I am going to have to put a lot of work in and I know that but as long as I keep my eye on my unique goal then I will be able to achieve it and all the effort of following this path will be worth it in the end.

So what is my goal? My goal is to be able to grow my online presence, I want to create a community of like minded ladies in their 20s to share this journey with me. I also want to work from home and be free to make my own decisions and be able to be my own boss, not answering to anyone. I used to just want to be rich and I know obviously who wouldn't want more and more money? However my focus right now has come away from the money and really is about the lifestyle I want to lead and once I am living that lifestyle I can then figure out my next step to continue bettering myself. If you have a unique goal and want to veer away from the norm then please comment and let me know what it is because like I said I just want to meet other beautiful women who want the same thing.

So how do we make sure that we create goals that are own and not based on other's ideas? Input your email below and I will send the three ways in which you can work towards your true dreams straight to your inbox!

How to Ignore Everyone else and Create Your Own Goals. The Importance of choosing your own path and your passion rather than following the crowd.